Miniature Paintings and Its Techniques

Generally many people consider "Miniature" to be a synonym of "Minimum". But actually "miniature" word has been derived from a Latin word "Minium" which in literal sense means Red lead paint. 

This red lead paint has been used during Renaissance period in the Illuminated Manuscripts. If we talk about Indian subcontinent then we can say that these miniature paintings have been painted since long time and many schools have been developed. These miniatures are small and detailed paintings.

Techniques of Miniature Paintings:

For making a miniature paintings one need to fulfill some preconditions such as:

* The painting size should not be more than or larger than 25 square inch.
*  The subject of the painting should not be more than 1/6th of the actual size of the painting.

We generally find these features in Indian Miniature paintings:

  • Human figures are generally seen with the side profile.
  • The eyes of Human Figures are generally bulging, nose is pointed and waist is slim.
  • In Mughal paintings Human figures are generally fairer in skin and Rajasthani paintings are generally darker in color.
  • Women have long hair.
  • Lord Krisha is painted in Blue color.
  • Generally eyes and hair of human figures are black.
  • Men generally seen wearing a turban with traditional clothes.
Image Source: Artindia, dollsofindia