100 Paintings By Pablo Picasso | The Cubist Portraits | 1881-1973

PabloPicasso is one of the most world renowned, most influential and greatest artists of the 20th century. He is world famous for co-founding the cubist movement; he was the co-inventor of collage, inventor of constructed sculpture. He also helped in developing various art styles and techniques. Pablo Picasso has produced near about 50,000 artworks which comprised of 1,228 sculptures, 1,885 paintings, 2,890 ceramics, 12,000 drawings, many tapestries and rugs and several thousands of prints. Most of his works were in his personal possession at the time of his death.
Pablo Picasso, Marcel Duchamp and Henri Matisse are very famous for being the three artists who defined the revolutionary improvements, and significant developments in the field of sculpture, painting, printmaking, drawing and ceramics. Pablo Picasso also had a good collection of the works of other famous artists including some of his contemporaries such as Henri Matisse with whom, he had exchanged several art works. Some of Picasso’s most famous art works are Guernica 1937, the proto-cubist Les Domoiselles d’Avignon 1907. He has been extremely prolific around his lifetime. Some of his major and most famous art works forms the part of representative collection of the Musee Picasso in Paris. In the year 2003, some of the Picasso’s relatives inaugurated a museum which was dedicated to him in his birthplace at Malaga, Spain and is named “The Museo Picasso Malaga”. Today I have collected hundred Cubists Portraits made by him, hope you enjoy :)

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