June 6, 2015

20 Wonderful Paintings by Hans Laagland

1965 -  born in Koersel (Belgium) on February 18th

Hans Laagland was born in Koersel (Belgium) in February of 1965. His father, Ludo Laagland, was a professional fine painter and trained Hans throughout his childhood. At the age of ten, Hans completed his first oil painting and two years later held his first solo exhibition. As he continued to develop his skills he became enthralled with the works and techniques of Rubens and at fifteen he set out to study those masterful techniques.  
After completing high school, Hans chose to continue his independent studies. He became a professional painter and continued in his quest mastering the techniques of Rubens. He completed a brief stint in the military with a trip through France with his father. There he honed his skills in landscape drawing.

In 1988 construction on his studio in Zichem began and Hans developed “Old-Dutch lead white”, which was used by Rembrandt. Throughout the next year he continued to develop the remaining historical paints and oils, specifically vermilion, the red paint used by Rubens.

After several studies and smaller paintings, in 1993 Hans completed his first large panel painting, Figures With Game and Fruit (160 x 260 cm – 63” x 102”). In November 1994, his studio was completed and opened to the public.

The following year the province of Limburg organized a retrospective exhibition (1975 – 1995) of Hans career featuring 50 paintings. In 1996, Hans participated in his first international exhibition in Amsterdam. The exhibition featured the works of U. Larsson (Sweden) and C. le Mair (Netherlands).

In 1997, Hans participated in the television documentary Rembrandt’s Masterly Brushstrokes.

Hans exhibited 85 works in the baroque corridor of the Basilica in Scherpenheuvel (Belgium) in 2000 and in 2001 he was commissioned to create a ceremonial portrait of Princess Sophie (Liechtenstein).

The following year, the Dutch discovered Hans Laagland and his work was quickly celebrated and collected. The extraordinary popularity Hans received lead to the renowned art dealer, Gebr Douwes Fine Arts, purchasing five paintings of Hans.

In 2003, Hans completed The Family Triptych.

Today, Hans continues to paint on wooden panels using the authentic oils and paints he has created. His subjects: still lifes, nudes, portriats, and studies of Rubens’ work depict modern tendencies but with the master’s skills of the great Flemish school.

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