March 10, 2020

A Must Watch Series: The Chargesheet - Innocent or Guilty

How many of you are a fan of a good web series? We guess almost every one of us is watching different web series online these days according to our tastes and likes. In fact watching a series was never this much easier.

Earlier we had to run through many unwanted advertisements while watching a TV series or a movie on our television sets. Thanks to the internet boom and online streaming websites such as ZEE5 due to which we can watch our favourite series online with such an ease.

A Must Watch Series: The Chargesheet - Innocent or Guilty
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The Chargesheet: Innocent or Guilty is a new ZEE5 Originals series 2020. There are many known faces in this series such as Arunoday Singh, Shiv Pandit who are in the lead roles and other supporting actors include Sikander Kher, Hrishita Bhatt, Tridha Choudhury etc.
If you looking for some fun and full of mystery show online then you must watch “The Chargesheet: Innocent or Guilty”.

About the series- “The Chargesheet: Innocent or Guilty”

It is created by Shashant Singh and It is a ZEE5 Original series which is about the murder mystery of the seven-times national badminton champion Shiraz Malik.

This series was released on 1 January 2020. This show starts with the murder of national level table tennis champion named Shiraz Malik outside a stadium. 
The story develops from there and eventually the police and court face a lot of difficulties for reaching to a decision about the murder of the champion. From there different events take place.

This web series also showcases an extramarital affair of the Tennis Players wife with one of the very powerful and royal lineage politician. Thus a great suspicion develops for his wife and the politician whom she is dating.

Though there is a claim that this series is not inspired by real events but somehow the show seems to have lots of resemblance to the murder of the badminton player named Syed Modi in the year 1988.

What this series - The Chargesheet - Innocent or Guilty has in store for you?

  • This a good drama series with political and royal touch.
  • Dialogues are quite good and engaging.
  • Acting by the whole cast is good. Satish Kaushik looks quite promising in the role of a well experienced lawyer.
  • The outfits and outlook of all the characters are done according to the story-line.
  • A little touch of humour is also added which adds light moments in the series.

A Must Watch Series: The Chargesheet - Innocent or Guilty
Image credit: An OTT Platform

Our take on The Chargesheet: Innocent or Guilty

It’s a good to watch series which is available online. It’s new and has a different and engaging plot. Its first episode just got aired on 1 January 2020 as mentioned earlier and it has been coming out to be one of the most entertaining shows of ZEE5. All the characters on the series and well presented and give justice to their respective roles. Hrishita Bhatt looks Beautiful and interesting in a pallu-clad royal look.

Any person who loves murder mysteries and drama would surely love the series. Not many episodes are aired as of now but the trailer and the episodes of the series speak for itself. There is a good mix of drama and mystery which makes it a good to watch small web series.

In case you like to watch something different and fresh with some old and new faces of the acting fraternity then you can choose this ZEE5 web series for sure without a doubt.

So friends! Have you seen this web series - The Chargesheet: Innocent or Guilty? Do you like the story plot, acting and dialogues? And who is your favourite character in the series?

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