Bhimbetka Rock Paintings - Oldest Paintings Of India

Hi all art lovers! Now days I am reading a lot about Indian Art and Culture and very recently got to know about Bhimbetka Paintings which are one of the oldest paintings in Indian culture. Also rock cut caves of Bhimbetka are very famous.
Bhimbetka is in Madhya Pradesh in India. The paintings and caves drawings found in Bhimbetka are pre historic ones and dates back to 1000000 BCE and 9000 BCE.

However these paintings are painted all over again many times, so many of these are destroyed and one finds it really difficult to have a look and study the paintings.
These paintings depict day to day activities of human in pre historic times, hunting, ceremony, children playing etc.
Have a look at some of these paintings and find about the kind of art and paintings used to prevail in pre historic times in India.

Image Credit: arthistoryworlds

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