May 4, 2013

The Paintings in Ajanta Caves

The paintings in Ajanta Caves represent the most prolific phase of Indian Art. Many of the caves are embellished with the beautiful narrations of Jataka stories. The Painted narration of Jataka on the walls of Cave, in Ajanta is a glorious example for the heights of technical perfection and creative imagination the Indian artists had reached in the past. The painting done in 5th century AD, illustrating the story of Maha Janaka shows Prince Maha Janaka seated with his queen Sivali inside pavillion, surrounded by a group of beautiful woman crowned and thus representing epitome of royal life. Maha Janaka announces his decision to renounce the worldly pleasures in favour of Buddhist path.

Mahajanaka Jataka, Ajanta

The painting is notable for their perfect and highly prolific compositional technique. The architecture details and spatial divisions within the paintings are done in such a manner that the whole scene seem to be projected towards the spectator. The paintings maintain an exalted height and enthrall the spectator by its rich beauty, superb expressiveness, color scheme and balanced composition.
The paintings of Ajanta caves are epitome of high architecture and compositional technique, here is a glimpse of few of Ajanta Paintings:

King Mahajanaka riding on an elephant, Ajanta

Mahajanaka looks detached when Sivali is trying to allure him, Ajanta

The people celebrating the coronation of Mahajanaka, Ajanta

       Toilet scene of the lady. Sivali is dressing her best to 
          impress Mahajanaka. She looks impatient as she places the
legs in an awkward position, Ajanta


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