Fine Art and You

Cesare Augusto Detti - Genre painter (1847-1914)

Cesare Augusto Detti (1847-1914) was a painter and artist from Italy who later moved to Paris during the Belle Epoque. He is a very well-known artist of historical paintings in the nineteenth century.

He loved to paint scenes of daily life, portraits, historical subjects and had a very refined taste that binds and erudite his audience. Many of his works can be seen in some important museums in Italy and America and France.

Get Creative With Short African American Wigs

Wigs add good style to your look. Many believe that wigs may spoil the look and may look unnatural but if you opt for a good quality wig then nothing can beat the look.
Straight Capless 10 Inches 120% Synthetic Hair
There isn’t any person who doesn’t want a good hairstyle but generally many of us are not blessed up with a good voluminous and good textured hair.  But what is the option left with us? Either wait for years to grow your hair long or go for a simple smart idea of using a stylish wig such as short African American wigs COCOWIG.

Mannerism Art Movement

Mannerism is a European Art style and it has emerged in the later years of Italian High Renaissance around the year 1520. Mannerism style flourished till 1580 and later got replaced by Baroque style.

Jacopo Pontormo, Joseph in Egypt, Oil on Wood, National Gallery
Mannerism is influenced by various approaches and harmonious ideals that were associated with famous artists such a Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo. Mannerism is a style of art which is known for its artificial qualities and intellectual sophistication. There is a presence of compositional tension and instability in Mannerism. 

Henri Matisse - A Famous French Artist (1869-1954)

Henri Matisse was born on 31 December 1869 and was a very well-known French artist. He was a multi-talented person who was a print-maker, sculptor, Draughtsman but he is primarily remembered as a painter. He is regarded as one of the three artists (other two being Pablo Picasso and Marcel Duchamp) who were responsible for revolutionary developments such as plastic arts in the decade of twentieth century. At first Henri was called a Fauve (Wild beast) but later by 1920’s people started calling him a French Classical tradition artist. He was also a leading figure in modern art.

Lace Wedding Dresses – Add An Artistic Touch To Your Wedding

Life without art, design and creativity is nothing. So, each and every artist explore art and creativity everywhere. This time I am sharing tips on how to add artistic touch to your wedding and wedding dress. According to me, one of the best ways to add artistic touch to your wedding is opting for a designer and creative wedding dress such as a lace wedding dress.
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