Bronze Sculpture Of Dancing Girl (Mohenjo-daro)

The very famous Bronze Statuette of a 'Dancing Girl ' from earliest civilization of the world Mohenjo-daro is 10.5 centimeters high and is around 4500 years old and was found in the ‘HR area’ of Mohenjo-daro in the year 1926 by Mackey.

The girl is in standing position with unusually long hands and is called dancing girl by assuming her profession from the way she stands. She is naked with only necklace and bangles. She has one of her hands on her hip and she is holding something on her other left hand which rests on her thigh. She is wearing 24-25 bangles in her left hand and 4 bangles in her right hand.

Figurative Paintings By Russian Artist Anastasia Vostrezova

Anastasia was born in a family of artists in June 1981. She spent all of her childhood in Moscow and in Pereslavl-Zalesski where her family had a summer house. She graduated from I.D Shadr Art College in 2000 and continued her art education in Saint-Petersburg. In 2008 Anastasia graduated from Saint-Petersburg Academy of Arts, where she studied in the studio of Professor M. M. Devyatov.

Feature of the Day - Portrait of Federico II Gonzaga By Titian c. 1529

The painting you are seeing today as a featured painting is a Portrait of Federico II Gonzaga. It is an oil painting which was made on a canvas by painter Titian in c. 1529. This portrait painting depicts Federico II Gonzaga who was the ruler of the Italian city named Mantua. This portrait painting is now days held in the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain.
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