18 Amazing 3D Character Models, Illustrations and Digital Inspiration!

I love sharing 3D character designs and models in my paintings and fine art blog! Needless to say that, It really pleases me a lot J I always wanted to be a master of fine arts, be it painting, photography, sculpture or commercial arts etc. 3D character designs seem to be so real and you get to showcase your creativity by using various tools such as ZBrush, 3D softwares, 3DsMax and Maya etc. 

15 Beautiful 3D Character Model Designs!

Hi art lovers! Hope you all are enjoying the art works, Paintings, Photography and Sculpture and all at this fine art blog :). This time I have decided to share 3D art works and 3D models at this fine art blog to inspire you. As you all know that now days 3D modelling is very much in and in film industry 3D animal has become almost one of the most integral parts.   

Vintage Style Photography by Tim Jarosz

Hi all! Once again I am here for sharing beautiful and inspiring photography by Tim Jarosz. Tim is a professional and graphic designer who loves to create new and ideas, this Chicago based artist loves to capture architectural photography and enjoys to showcase creativity in a vintage style. Check out some of these artists works.

Amazing Vintage Pin-Up Art by Arthur Sarnoff

There are few painters or say artists in the world whose work speaks for them! And Arthur Sarnoff is no exception to it. I was giggling over the internet and found these amazing and amusing vintage pin up paintings which I couldn't resist sharing at this fine art blog. So here I am sharing these entire beautiful pin up paintings.  
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