Isidore Pils - French Painter (1813-1875)

Isidor Pils was born in Paris and was a French painter. He studied with painter like Guillaume Guillon-Lethiere for nearly four-five years and later done his studies under the guidance of Francois-Edouard Picot.

Rouget de L’lsle singing La Marseillaise, 1849 - this was one of the most famous paintings of Isidore Pils

Paul Signac French Neo-Impressionist Painter (1863-1935)

Paul Signac (Paul Victor Jules Signac) was born on 11 November 1863 and lived till 15 August 1935. He worked with Georges Seurat and developed Pointillism. He was a well-known French Neo-Impressionist painter. 

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What is art? Art is the way to beautify things around you. Isn’t it? when we talk about our surroundings then the first thing that comes to our mind is our home and the second thought comes out to be our office.

Thus we can easily say that beautifying your home and office is an art and it requires creativity. With our lifestyle getting extremely hectic, we seldom get time to relax and have a look at our surroundings and with time we learn to take things for granted.

Pointillism - Art Movement (1880s- 1910s)

Pointillism is a painting technique where an artist applies a pattern of small and distinct dots of colors that are used to form an image. This technique of Pointillism was developed by Paul Signac and Georges Seurat in 1886 and it finds its branch from Impressionism.

Painting by Maximilien Luce 

Pointillism is also called divisionism and is known to be a part of Post Impressionism.

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