30 Spine Tattoo Ideas For Women

Hello art lovers! Today we are sharing some interesting tattoo art ideas that a woman can flaunt on her back/spine. These tattoo's are a mixture of colorful designs and some are in single color also. We loved all of these tattoo art ideas with which you can flaunt your art and creativity on your back. Lets' see the designs! Here we go :)

Anastasia Vostrezova, 1981 - Russian Artist

Anastasia Vostrezova was born in Russia in 1981. Click here for her biography.

List of Art Movements: A to D

Losanna, Svizzera (Art Brut- Outsiders Art)

Abstract Art
Art Brut (Outsiders Art)
Abstract Expressionism
Abstract Illusionism
Academic Art


America born artist James Bullough loves to work with various media ranging from oil paints to Ink and spray paint on the canvas. His huge monumental murals are a great contribution to the art field. I loved the great harmony of the realistic figuration and stylized interruption in his art works.
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