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Nydia Lozano, 1947 Impressionist Figurative painter

Nydia Lozano was born in 1947 in a small town of Ribera of Valencia. She is a very well-known Spanish figurative painter and she loves to work in impressionist style. Here are some of the examples of her art works, hope you like :)

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Eugene Galien-Laloue - French Painter (1854-1941)

Eugene Galien Laloue was a French artist and was born in 1854 and lived till 1941. He loved painting city street scenes especially of autumn and winter. He lived in Paris so most of his art works depicts the city life of Paris. His paintings comprised of people, cars and omnibuses of 20th century.

Go Colorful and Creative With Your Nails

Art is everywhere and nail art is one of such fun art forms where we can show our creativity and have fun with various designs and colors. If I see colors, then I feel at home. It hardly matters if I have to show my art on a canvas or nails. I have many times shared nail art on my fine art blog where you people get a lots of inspiration for nail art ideas.
Many people think that one can go artistic on a canvas only but in reality art is everywhere. From your home interior to your work station everything can be kept in a creative and artistic way.
Let’s come to nail art. Now days we see a lot of boom in the people who love playing with nail art and they try a lot of different designs on their nails. Today I am going to share some very pretty nail art styles and equipment’s from Newchic that can take the beauty of your nails to a very high notch. Here we go:

Aurora Laser Effect Nail Art Powder Holo Glitters Powder Pigment:

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Beautiful Paintings By AI SHINOHARA

Ai Shinohara is an artist from Japan and loves depicting the tender relationship between human and nature. She is B.A. in painting from Tama Art University. Today I am sharing some of her artworks and illustrations, hope you like :)
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