Jan 10, 2014

Johannes Vermeer | Famous Dutch Baroque Painter | 1632-1675

Girl With a Pearl Earring
Johannes Vermeer is one of the greatest Dutch painter which the history have seen, he was born on October 31, 1632 and died on December 15, 1675. He used to draw day to day middle class interior scenes from his surroundings. Johannes Vermeer is considered to be one of the most famous and acclaimed genre artists of his time.

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Known as one of the most known Baroque painter, his life was never a wealthy one and he lost his wife and children in debt at the time of death. He have never produced much range of paintings, he started off with painting some history paintings and later concentrated on painting genre art works.  His works are considered very poetic which was considered as the highlight of his works. Some art lovers considered his earlier works much better than his later works. I truly loved the work of Johannes Vermeer who is also considered as a golden age Baroque painter. One of my personal favourite paintings of this talented artist is “Girl with The Pearl Ear ring”. Have a look at the art of Johannes Vermeer and enjoy J:
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