Beauty and Fashion Photography by Marina Danilova | Best Dressed Bridal Photographs

All the “best dressed bridal” photography works which you are seeing in this post are the creation of Russian visual artist whose name is Marina Danilova who is very well known for her works in beauty and fashion photography. While she was doing her MA degree in fashion designing, Marina started to build her career as a costume designer in a film production company. 

 She sooner realised her passion towards photography and choose photography as her career which she interlinked with visual art that she enjoyed. Since the year 2006, Marina Danilova has been building a professional relationship with many well known magazines and brands. Some of her wonderful works have been exhibited in the state museum of Russian fine arts in St. Petersburg and in Moscow.


  1. wow...i love these dresses

  2. So much elegance and beautiful dresses.

  3. These dresses are truly amazing and the photography is just perfect to show off their beauty! Every picture is just so stunning!


  4. Followed you! Like my FB Page for many fashion updates!!

  5. So beautiful pictures and wonderful dresses!


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