Aug 20, 2013

Casey Baugh | American Figurative Artist | Fashion Portraits

Casey Baugh was born in 1984 to Jerry and Angie Baugh in Lookout Mountain, Georgia. Baugh’s earliest art instruction came around the age of four from his father and aunt who were artists by hobby. This nurturing, along with Baugh’s early interest in art, gave him the strong foundation and motivation that would allow him to produce and sell professional work by the age of 13. At age 14, Baugh won his first regional competition and by age 17, he had won his first national competition. With no formal training, Baugh continued to educate himself by studying the work of other accomplished artists. In the spring of 2004, he conducted his first workshop at the Village Arts of Putney in Vermont.
Now, at age 21, Baugh has made two television appearances and won numerous awards including the cover competition for American Artists Drawing Magazine.

Baugh believes that good art “requires a distinct idea and a thorough knowledge of the language [of art] by which to communicate it. A good artist always has something to say, but truly great artists have obtained the ability to say it through experience and sheer determination.” It is with this mind-set that Baugh is doing work comparable to artists three times his age and has continued to conduct workshops, offer demonstrations, and give lectures in order to teach aspiring artists how to effectively communicate their interpretation of the beauty of creation and life through art.

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