Guillaum Seignac | Academic Painter From France | 1870-1924

Guillaum Seignac was a French academic painter who was born in Rennes, France in 1870 and later died in 1924. During his lifetime, his work was very sort after and his work’s got huge recognition too. He started taking training at the Academie Julian in Paris and at that academy he spent his time from 1889 to 1895. 

He had studied under different teachers there which included Gabriel Ferrier and Tony Robert-Fluery. Both of his teachers were noted painters of that time. Gabriel Farrel was an award winning artist and was awarded Prix de Rome and if we talk about Tony Robert Fluery then it is right to say that he was a noted genre and history artist. During his life span, Guillaum Seignac produced a lot of art works, I have collected some of them here, have a look at them and enjoy:


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