Why is Art So Important for your Kids' Development?

First of all, art is an easy way to get your kids busy. As we all know, children love to create and imagine new things. It is also a way for them to learn more about their environment and themselves, their capabilities, what they can do. Give your children the opportunity to sit and create, and you'll be surprised by the number of things they will be able to create and with what. From pencils, paper, crayons, twigs, mud, rocks, beautiful and amazing things will be given birth to.

Art is therefore closely related to many things that we want for our kids and demand from any education organization: social and emotional development, civic engagement and academic achievement. Arts education can solve many problems and help our kids learning the basics that are of major importance for a balanced social, cultural and intellectual life.

The benefits to kids' art activities are significant. Involvement in the arts is closely linked to improved skills in mathematics, writing and reading, cognition, problem-solving, critical thoughts, and speaking. It is therefore in great correlation of school success and preparing your kids for the work world. If you’d like to learn more about essays on arts, find more information on https://artscolumbia.org/

Why is Art So Important for your Kids' Development?

Arts learning can also enhance:

l  Confidence - when kids are trying to perform their works better and then see the results of development and hear good assessments from other people, their self-confidence will surely grow.
l  Focus and concentration - these abilities are applied in drawing, sculpturing and other arts that require high concentration and kids attention.
l  Teamwork - many types of the arts including band, dancing, choir, and theater need that children work together. It develops the abilities to listen and understand other opinions, corporate,  and take responsibilities. Kids understand their role in the team, and it also develops the leadership.
l  Motivation
l  Creativity - as arts allow children to express their thoughts in the way they'd like without some restrictions.
l  Motor Skills - according to studies such art activities as drawing, playing on musical instruments, scribbling improve the development of the motor skills
l  Visual Learning -  the engaging into the arts improves visual-spatial skills, that develop own interpretation and analyzation of the things around them.
l  Decision Making - the arts improves analytic and critical thinking skills. All these help kids to learn how to make a decision, solve problems and take responsibilities for that.
l  Perseverance - studying arts always establish task and challenges for kids. As some things can be achieved easily, then it requires hard work and perseverance from children.
l  Flexibility - the arts also teach children to be more flexible and open through multicultural perspectives and their engagement in the process of creation.

It's also been proven that kids that are exposed to visual art or music enhance their brain activity. Children also learn how to observe and interpret different subjects and forms while they are in contact with Arts.

The stimulation kids experience with arts does more than just ease a children's life. Specialists say that through art it is easier to connect them to their global environment and open their mind to new ways of seeing. It helps create the basics that lead to strong social bonds and balanced community life.

School and pre-school institutions are the best places to get started with arts as it helps close a gap for many children: those of aspiring parents often get in contact with the arts whether or not schools provide them.

Thus, every kind of arts is essential for children development and growth as the individual with own mindset. The fundamental principle is to find the art activity that meets the kid preferences and interests and not just to force them to do it as the home task.

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  1. Excellent post I think art is also a therapy for adults a great way to let the imagination flow xoxo Cris