Johan Messely | Belgian Painter | 1927

This time I am going to share art works by a Belgian Painter named Johan Messely. I liked his paintings very much, the texture and strokes which he uses are commendable. I really loved the transparent effects and colors used by him in his paintings. I loved the femininity and sense of emotions in his paintings. Well! lets talk about the artist, Johan Messely was born in 1927 and grew up in the artistic world of his father Paul Messely, who was also a painter. Paul Messely was a great motivation and mentor to his son Johan and he was a person from whom Johan Messely took his inspiration and was motivated to follow the world of art. Johan completed his studies into technical engineering and later did his photography course.
He then got settled as a professional photographer in Menen, Belgium. But he was more inclined towards painting and later his all time hobby “painting” turned into his main occupation. In Johan’s paintings light and shade plays a very vital role and takes centre stage. The scenes created by him play a subtle role with colors are sunny in nature and depicts the happiness, joy and optimism of life. They are rightly said to be a figurative art with impressionistic touch. He loves to paint with various mediums but he specializes in oil and has passion for pastels. He portrays woman in natural poses and as usual colors, light and shade play a vital role in his art works which is adored and loved by all!

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