Mindblowing Colorful Figurative Paintings by Steve Henderson~Realism

Today I am going to share these amazing paintings by American artist Steve Henderson. I am sure that you will love his art works. Steve is an artist from Washington who loves to paint landscapes, seascapes and figurative art works.  Earlier Steve used to focus on illustration before switching over to full time painting. 

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The Artist adds: 'It's amazing how a landscape or coastal scene deepens when a human being is part of it. Whether the figure is the focal point, as in Queen Anne's Lace, or more subtly incorporated, as in Wild Child, that human element draws us in and closer to the entire painting. I concentrate on the innocence, yet sophistication, of the 21st century woman. There is this misconception that innocence and naivete are interchangeable, and unless a model is bored, sullen, and provocative, then she does not possess wisdom, intellect, or attraction. This is fallacy indeed. In works such as Promenade, Lady of the Lake, Enchanted, Cadence, and others, I see, interpret, find, and paint the inner beauty that shines forth from truly stunning, yet gracious, young women. They are confident yet kind, bold yet humble, innocent yet wise'.
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