How to Choose an Illustrator When Self-Publishing

One thing to know is that most self-publishers are trying to save on costs because of budget constraints. It could be their first books or material they want to publish. Unlike the conventional method where the illustrator works independently once given the book, self-publishers would want to be involved or dictate what the illustrators will do.

How to Choose an Illustrator When Self-Publishing

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According to experts at illustration agencies in uk, this calls for the self-publishers to choose their illustrators well. So, how does any self-publisher go about looking for these experts? Read on to know more.

Understand the Type and Extent of Illustrations

Some books will need more illustration than others. A novel may not need more illustrations than just a cover. On the other hand, a children’s book will need an illustration on probably every page. The needs for these two books are totally different. However, there is an option of self-publishing with both.

When choosing an illustrator, the extent of work ahead will guide you. Some companies are known to specialize in children’s books illustrations. They can come up with cartoons, paintings, images and colors that you will appreciate. If you have no idea of the style that you need, they will also help with that situation.

Pick the Right Illustrator

There are numerous choices of great illustrators out there. Every self-publisher knows the qualities of their favorite illustrator. However, one must ensure that the expert has enough knowledge of the particular kind of work and is willing to take it on. If you are not sure about who to pick, do some research and read reviews from the web to know who best fits the job.

Decide Who Will Do What

It is good to decide on who will do what in the book. If the budget is tight, let the illustrator handle the complex parts as you handle what you can easily do. Other self-publishers are driven by an interest to do things by themselves. In this case, make sure that you pick the areas with no complication because the experts can handle the other difficult parts.

An important consideration to make is that both of you should work in harmony and together to avoid two different illustration themes for one project. Of course, the self-publisher must take charge to supervise every part of the work.

Discuss the Scope of Work

Once you are set on what you want and have picked an illustrator, it is time to sit down and discuss the scope of the work. This all depends on the type of work in front of you. As a self-publisher, you will take charge of all steps with a guiding eye to how you want the illustrations to look. As mentioned earlier, children’s books will have detailed illustrations, and the scope of work will be broad.

If different styles of work are required, then better planning is needed to know what will start, follow and what will come last. It is also important that the two of you will discuss the time it will take to complete the work.

With the above steps, it is clear that you will be able to choose the best illustrator for your self-publishing project and that the job will be ready to roll. You should always be there to ensure that things are done according to your desires.

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