Gilles Charest | Still Life Painter From Canada

Well! Let’s talk about the artist first- Gilles Charest was born in 1947 in Montreal in Canada. He studied literature, education and administration at the Montreal University. In 1975 he founded an advertising agency with two of his associates and changed his career and took a role of creative director. He taught students for some years before switching his career. He has been an art collector and enthusiast and since 1990 he has been devoting much of precious time to painting and creative works. Currently according to him, painting is his life and soul. Gilles Charest’s paintings impressed me a lot! His art works are very simple yet very different. 

I loved the way he presents Still life in his paintings. Some of his works gives a impression as if the paintings are zoomed or photo’s are cropped. As far as Gilles Charest painting technique is concerned then I must say that his search for unconventional texture find expression in his personal thoughts and vision of still life. The composition of his paintings is very pure and unusually formatted. He is truly a master of color which helps and encourages him to create fundamentally sensual and strong paintings with beautiful harmonious balance. His mastery of art infuses life into his subjects and they become livelier than the actual one.  I am sure that you will agree with me that he is a creative master of arts and paintings. Have a look at some of Gilles Charest Art works:

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