Beautiful Pencil Drawings by David Chong

Beautiful Pencil Drawings by David Chong

Hi all! I am sure that most of you love pencil drawings as this is the medium of colors with which most of us start our journey of drawings and art. It reminds me of my childhood days where I used to use Pencil color and charcoal pencils to make live my imagination and color the white sheet of my classroom notes :)
 ..Yes you are right! This time I have come up with beautiful pencil drawings by David Chong who uses pencil and ball point pen to draw his imagination. He also creates ipad finger paintings. Check out his works here and enjoy.

Check Out More Paintings:


  1. So lovely

    Love Minnja

  2. S T U P E N D I!! :) Da me c'è un nuovo post :) passi? Grazie bacione :)


  3. WOW they're stunning!!

  4. My goodness.....These are stunning! Beautiful compilation :)


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