10 Awesome Gifts for Designers

Creative people can be difficult when it comes to buying gifts. You want to gift them with something creative and unique. But what do you give to someone who is such a talented person? How do you find the right gift for designers who take a critical look at the way things look and behave? Finding the right gift might seem like a mission impossible but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

10 Awesome Gifts for Designers
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If you have a designer in your life and you’d like to surprise them with something special, here are a few ideas they are bound to love. These 10 awesome gifts are unique and fun – something a designer with a flair for beauty is destined to love.

1. An instant printer for keeping designs organised

For the ultimate gift, you should get your friend an instant printer. These devices can be taken with you and used for printing photos or other images straight from your smartphone. Polaroid’s Zip Instant Printer is a great pick that’ll print your wanted items in less than a minute. The printer uses special ZINK paper, which doesn’t even require any ink. You can currently find discounts on the printer at Pricespy.

2. A good book about art and creativity

A book is a fantastic gift for those who have everything. When it comes to creative people, it doesn’t get much better than the Steal Like an Artist book by Austin Kleon. It’s a book for designers and artists from someone who knows and understands the demands of the industry. Don Norman’s The Design of Everyday Things is another great book to consider. If you’re worried about the person owning the book, you can also consider opting for a gift card to a local bookshop.

3. A magazine subscription

You might also tickle their creative side with a magazine subscription. There are plenty of good publications worth reading. Stack, for example, is a great place for finding a subscription. The service allows you to receive a random magazine each month, based on your interests and preferences. It’s definitely something a designer would appreciate, as it can help them discover things they might not have otherwise thought about. You can check the website for more information and for placing the order.

4. A set of colourful playing cards

How about a gift that’s beautiful but nothing to do with design? A deck of cards is a wonderful idea as it allows your designer friend to take their mind off work. CMYK Playing Cards come in four beautiful and bright colours: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. They are essentially number playing cards with stylish design.

5. A high-quality pen

While the modern designer often works on a computer, they are still generally lovers of the good, old-fashioned pen and paper. Designers get ideas wherever and they want to be ready to put those ideas on paper. A quality pen, such as the Sailor Fude De Mannen pen, is bound to impress the designer and help them put their ideas down as soon as possible.

6.  A flying lesson to think outside the box

Experience gifts are great for people who seem to have it all. To further surprise your designer loved one and help them expand their horizon, you should take them up the air. You can find stunning flying experiences with Red Balloon. Click the link to save money on the site: https://www.ozcodes.com.au/store/red-balloon/.

7. A stylus with a difference

Now, if your designer friend is always working on their tablet, you might want to give them a stylus with a difference. The Sensu stylus is designed like a real, traditional brush and it allows people to create real-looking paintings. It’s available for most touchscreen devices so you don’t need to worry about whether your friend uses an Android or an iPad.

8. A temporary tattoo

Does your designer friend love tattoos? Perhaps they’ve always dreamed of getting one but haven’t quite gotten to it yet. If this is the case, you need to give them Tattly Tattoos pack. It’s a collection of beautiful and temporary tattoos from the realistic to the outright funny.

9. A cord organiser to sort things out

Designer desks are often full of all sorts of things and the cables might look especially messy at times. To help your loved one stay organised despite the chaos, you could gift them a cord organiser. Cordies has a beautiful desktop cord manager that’s definitely worth checking out.

10. A canvas bag for carrying their designer stuff

You could also invest in a proper canvas backpack by the Vagabond. This is a beautiful bag that makes it easy to ensure the designer has all their stuff with them at all times. It’s a durable bag that looks elegant and timeless – perfect for both men and women!

The above ten gift ideas are awesome for designers. The ideas are practical, quirky and a whole lot of fun. So, pick your favourite from the list for this year’s big occasions and put a big smile on your designer friend’s face!

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