The Art of Applying Lipstick– Tips and Tricks

Applying makeup is an art and when we talk about makeup the first and foremost thing that comes to our mind is a lipstick. Isn’t it? Well! Who doesn’t love those luscious and well-crafted lips? But that perfect shape and look require some basic tricks and in case you often get confused when it comes to applying lipstick then today we are going to share some handy tips and tricks that will surely make you ace the lipstick art.

The Art of Applying Lipstick– Tips and Tricks

Image credit: Stylecraze

Here are some of the tips that will help you in using and applying Lipstick:

Grab the perfect pink lipstick for you:

If you are confused that which pink lip shade is best for you then the perfect pink lip shade for you is the color of your gums. Don’t go for the lighter pink shade in comparison to your gums shade.

Keep your Lipstick in place with neutral pencil:

If you want a long-lasting lipstick on your lips then apply a neutral pencil before applying the desired lipstick. If you want to prevent hard lines appearing on your lips then you can warm up the pencil with your finger tips and this way hard lines will not appear on your lips.

Lick the tip of the glass to prevent lip stain on it:

We always face a lip stain on the glass with which we drink after applying a lipstick. This trick really works and keep this point in mind once you drink a glass of water the next time you step out with a lipstick on your lips.

Dark lipstick doesn’t mean you can’t go for dark eye makeup:

It’s a myth that with dark lipstick you cannot opt for a dark eye makeup. Dark eye makeup can very well go with a dark lip shade. There are many options available when it comes to purchasing that perfect dark makeup look such as purchasing the makeup from a nearby branded store or with Online Shopping

Make your DIY lipstick:

If you want to try making a new lipstick for your self then you can mix one of the eye shadows or blush which you rarely use with a nude lip balm such as Vaseline to make a new lipstick color. With this trick you can add more colors to your lips makeup kit.

Get that subtle Lips look:

You can put lipstick in the inner part of your lips and then blend outwards towards the corners and tips of your lips to get that lip balm look. This way your lips will look more subtle and natural.

Use golden gloss on the Lipstick:

You can make any lipstick color a party ready one by applying a golden gloss over it. The golden gloss color is the best way to warm up every shade or color.

Give that perfect shape to your lips:

After applying the lipstick you should apply a concealer on the edges around your lips and apply just around your lips. You can grab the lipstick brushes and other accessories easily with online shopping.

Friends! We hope you liked these tips for applying lipstick. Do share your thoughts with us.