Stanislav V Plutenko | Russian Painter | 1961

Hi friends! I have a question for youJ do you like glazing paintings? If your answer is yes then you will definitely love this post and the paintings which I am going to share today! First let me tell you about the artist of whose paintings I am sharing today, this artist’s name is Stanislav V Plutenko who was born on 1st march 1961. Stanislav uses various media to show his imagination. 

He uses oil, acrylic, water colour as well as tempera with wonderful masterful brush strokes and makes finest glazing with clear paints. He has worked with many art galleries: Mars, Aspire, Medici Haus, Arbat 48, Arbat 34, Mars are to name few. A much of this artist art works can be found at different countries which includes Germany, UK, Monaco, Canada, United States, France, Sweden and Switzerland. Have a look at some of Stanislav V Plutenko’s mind blowing glazing paintings here:

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