Marty Bell | American Landscape Painter | 1931-2003

Marty’s love for art and paint is very much evident from her art works. I truly loved the way Marty have uses color, style and beauty in her art works. Marty bell hails from Merica and was born in 1931, though she is no more and died on 2003. 

It is rightly to say that Marty was a very influential and prolific painter as well as an artist. Her art works have got a lot’s of love and respect from all her peers and fine art collectors. She has painted many art works in her life which counted more than 3000. Subject of her art ranged from California landscapes and English cottages to impressionistic pieces and colourful and vibrant stilllifes.  From the very beginning of her life she has started developing interest for artistic things and colors. She had a unique passion for beauty and her brush strokes have produced many master pieces. Her art works had a mass appeal with traditional taste. She was basically a self learned painter but as an art teacher she taught more than 40 students weekly. Marty has exhibited extensively in over 200 successful single or featured artist shows. She later fall to cancer and died on 15th October 2003.


  1. Pictures like a fairy tale!