Thomas Dodd | Visionary Pre-Raphaelite Photographer

Today, I am going to share beautiful and artistic photographs by Pre Raphaelite inspired and visionary photographer Thomas Dodd. He creates magic in all his photographs; I loved the visionary scope and dualistic natural creations by Thomas. He portrays his emotions and feelings with light and shadow, beauty and horror. 

His photography somewhat resembles paintings but his creative style and technique is a realm of photography. His photographs are not only manipulated photographs but are much more than that. Each and every painting made by him speaks for itself. He works on mythological and religious themes which forms the very basis of his photography. His art works are sometimes based on a twisted tongue-in-cheek approach and at others reverently paying homage to the Old master traditions that influences his thought and vision. He works very well on the texture of his photographs which is very difficult to find in most of the digital arts. His photography completely shuns the commonly used digital “cut and paste” clinches. There are lots of ways to see this artist works which has multiple layers. His each and every art work adds new interpretations upon multiple viewings.  It is right to say that his pieces are truly unique and multi-faceted vision.


  1. Nice!!!!! Photographs show the reality. Today we can easily manipulate our photographs with the help of photo manipulation tool. So don’t waste time just change your style.