Aime Sacrez | Australian Painter/Illustrator

Merry Christmas to all of you friends! Hope all of you must be enjoying yourselves and having a blast on this fantastic day. Today, I am going to share the art works of Aime Sacrez who began his art studies and painting at a tender age of 11 years in a place called Townsville, Australia
By the time he reached the age of 14, he started working with pastels, charcoals and oils and sold them at the Cotters Markets. He painted various subjects such as landscapes, characters and local residents.

In the year 1996, he met Susan Macauley, who was a lively Poet used to live  in Townsville, who and asked Aimé to draw illustrations for her humorous Australian Poetry. Aimé beautifully illustrated two books by Susan Macauley and has also produced water-colour illustrations for her most recent Children’s book called “The Green Frog Regatta”.
When Aime was aged 17, Aimé moved to Florence, Italy and started studying  classical sculpture, drawing and painting at the a studio named Charles H. Cecil. It was as this studio that Aimé studied the ‘sight-size method’ working only from life. 

I truly love the way this artists portrays his thoughts on canvas. The technique and skill of this talented artist deserves global recognition. He has extensively travelled to who of Europe and other countries as well to various art galleries of Spain, Holland, England and Italy. You will surely love his art , have a look at some of his art works: