October 6, 2013

David Gray | U.S. Figurative Painter | 1970

David Gray was born in 1970 and acquired a strong foundational education in art while obtaining his BFA from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. His art education has continued with independent and occasional formal studies in pictorial expression and oil painting. The resulting work reveals a personal and contemporary expression of beauty and order which pays homage to the Classical Tradition in its craftsmanship.
David's works are included in many discriminating private art collections throughout the United States and abroad.

Recent honors include the "Hunter Edition's Award of Excellence" at the Oil Painters of America 2009 National Exhibit and a "Chairman's Choice" award in Art Renewal Center's 2008/2009 International ARC Salon.

2009 Ten Day Figure Painting Workshop, Douglas Flynt, The Grand Central Academy of Art, New York, NY
2007 (summer quarter) Hans Nordlund, Tacoma Academy of Fine Art, Tacoma, WA
2006 (fall quarter) Terry Furchgott, Gage Academy of Art, Seattle, WA
1988-1992 Bachelor of Fine Art, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA
Of all the art I have encountered, I have responded most deeply to that which can be qualified as classical realism. Thus, my artistically expressive path has been heavily influenced by the work of masters, both old and new, of this type of art.

Though informed by the classical tradition as well as some important formal training, my art making is highly personal and intuitive. In creating a painting the initial impetus usually comes with being inspired or deeply moved visually by the world around me -- even if this world is the controlled environment of my studio. I use the illusion of reality and an expression of beauty to help communicate the experienced mood, feeling, or idea in a painting or series of paintings.
In this act of artistic communication, the importance of mastering my tools is not lost. I pursue an improved eloquence of expression through the constant honing of such aspects of my craft as brushwork and the study of design. This drive for increased technical mastery is a fundamental and rewarding element of my art.

Also important to my work is the desire that my artistic inspirations and technique result in effective and meaningful communication to an audience. When someone is deeply moved or touched in some way by viewing one of my paintings, the ultimate purpose for which it was created is largely fulfilled.”

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