Aug 29, 2018

American Realist Figurative Painter- Jeremy Lipking 1975

Jeremy Lipking was born in 1975 and is an American Realist artist. In a very short period of time, Jeremy Lipking has emerged as one of the America’s best realist artists. His talent, which rivals that of the late nineteenth century painterly realists such as John Singer Sargent, and Anders Zorn, is outstanding for a painter of any age, he is just 30 years of age. Like these great painters of the past, Lipking is a virtuoso artist. His canvases convey the magical aura of convincing imagery emerging out of a field of paint.

Lipking's skill lies in his ability to probe in and around his subject. Realism has been misunderstood through most of the twentieth century as an art of imitation. In truth, when practiced by a painter like Jeremy Lipking, realist painting is a powerful creative force. Many viewers are drawn to his art thinking that it looks just like a photograph. Actually Lipking's vision is the opposite of what a camera does. A photograph tends to flatten an image, reducing all relationships of color and shade to a stiff mechanical pattern. With a highly sensitive eye, he sees nuances of value and hue that the camera and most people can never see. Lipking's true subject is his pictorial fluency. One can enter a pictorial world after seeing his paintings. Like all great realists, he has the ability to generate powerful fictions.


  1. Love your works..masterly executed with sober effect.

  2. Wow so much talent xoxo Cris


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