'Creation of Adam' by Michelangelo

The theme 'Creation of Adam' though has been presented by many great painters, they nowhere stand near Michelangelo's version which he painted oh the ceiling of Sisine Chapel. In Michelangelo's vision, the grandeur of humanity reaches its supreme embodiment in the 'Creation of Adam'. Adam is lying on the ground in all the vigour and beauty that aptly suits the first man. From the other side, God, the Father, is approaching, supported by angles, wrapped in a wide and majestic mantle blown out by the wind. As he stretches out his hand, not even touching Adam's finger, the first man gazes into the face of his creator with the affection for a  father and waits for life to be breathed into him. The way Michelangelo visualizes the scene, by showing the touch of the divine hand, in the centre becomes the foucus of the picture.

Michelangelo: 'Creation of Adam', 1508-1512

Michelangelo Buonarroti (1475-1564):
He was born at Caprese in Florence. His father was resident magistrate. Michelangelo completed first of his major sculptures. 'Bacchus' and 'pieta' during 1496-99.
Michelangelo's art was so awe inspiring to his contemporaries who called him 'Divine' and his influence on European art has been great.