Jun 29, 2015

Paintings By Katrina Pallon

KATRINA PALLON is a visual artist working with the medium of paint, photography, and masks. She also works as a freelance book and graphic designer.

A maximalist whose creative works are highly influenced by the intricacies of Viennese and French art nouveau, her paintings, illustrations, and photographs attest to her love for elaborate designs and her knack for romanticizing even the simplest of subjects. Her works echo her enthrallment to fairy tales and myth which she fuses with ornate Pan-Asian motifs, and exquisite blooms. Her subjects more often than not comprise of dark, melancholic, sometimes mystical figures; fleeting beauty; masks; mystery; and women. Using warm, vivid tones, she translates these images into paintings and photographs.

She presently lives in Sta. Ana, Manila with 8 delightful cats. She also participates in spoken word events, sings for goth band Scarlet Tears, plays bass for grunge band Narcotic Venus, and continues to produce masks, photographs, paintings, and illustrations profusely with the hope of improving more on her craft.

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