Awesome Oil Paintings by Xie Chuyu

Awesome Oil Paintings by Xie Chuyu

I need not to say much on the oil paintings made by Xie Chuyu whose paintings speaks for themselves. Well! Xie Chuyu was born in the Shantou City of Guandong Province in the year 1962 and he later graduated from the Oil painting department in 1988 from Guanzhou Academy.  

Zhong Mind says: ““In Chuyu`s works, one can keenly feel his sentimental asceticism. The background (can be) gloomy and confused, with a figure showing ignorance of her previous existence and this life, which constructs an artistic conception as if you had been in te remote past. You must think deeply about the brief youth and the limits of human existence, which arouses sorrow and reluctance.”

I loved the art works/paintings of Xie, Hope you like these too.

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