Lovely Anime Illustrations by Enpitsu

Lovely Anime Illustrations by Enpitsu

Hi all art lovers! I am very happy to share these wonderful Anime Illustrations by a Japanese artist whose name is Enpitsu

These art illustrations reminds me of various cartoon characters which I used to adore a lot as a child and when I saw these art works by Enpitsu, many of my forgotten memories got alive which included watching cartoons all the day, playing various animated games on personal computers..woohhhh..Those were really wonderful days, nevertheless, those days cannot come back but I am really glad that there are still so many things which bind us to our childhood days and Anime illustrations are one of them. Have a look at these wonderful anime illustrations by Enpitsu and have a wonderful childhood journey. 


  1. Cool anime illustrations.
    Hope your enjoying your weekend.

  2. Nice pics,kisses.


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