Lovely Illustrations by Yanadhyana

Lovely Illustrations by Yanadhyana

Hey art lovers! This time I will be sharing Lovely Illustrations by Yanadhyana who is a Russian artist and loves to capture fairy tales in her art works and illustrations. You will find lots of fantastic landscapes, amazing colors in her art works which is very commendable. 

She also loves to work on watercolour paintings, black and white graphic designs, monochrome designs and graphic color drawings in mixed media. Hope you like her works.


  1. I'm real in love with these pictures, all of them are gorgeous. Great artist :)
    Have a wonderful day :)

  2. Beautiful !

    Love Minnja

  3. Enchanting and bewitching at the same time!


  4. Such a great find. Each one so different and unique.

  5. Awesome illustration. Love the fairy tale feel of it.

    ♥ Gita @


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