Beautiful Pinup Illustrations by Jamie Tyndall

Beautiful Pinup Illustrations by Jamie Tyndall

Hey art lovers! How are you doing? I am sure you must be having a wonderful time. Actually I am very excited to share these amazing pin up illustration by Jamie Tyndall at this fine art/Paintings/Illustrations blog and the reason is that I really feel these art works by Jamie are very unique and beautiful. 

Well! Who is Jamie? Actually Jamie Tyndall is a Canadian comic artist who is currently working and living in Lass Vegas, Nevada. He is a graduate with honours degree in art from the Toronto University and also studied History from Sheridan College of Art in Toronto. The art works which I am going to share today are mostly composed of wonder woman with lovely detailed and vibrant colors. He used multiple media such as digital, ink and sketches to showcase his imagination. 


  1. They are fantastic!

  2. beautiful images!

  3. Beautiful illustration, they have a comic book style combined with manga don't you think?
    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, I'm following you on G+, I hope you follow me back to stay in touch.


  4. Its beautiful but too agressive for me :)
    Come to see my painting!


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