30+ Water Color Tattoo Designs For Inspiration

30+ Water Color Tattoo Designs For Inspiration

I have already shared some very amazing tattoo styles and designs in this fine art blog. These tattoo art is a great way to style yourself and showcase awesome designs. 

Very recently, more abstract kind of tattoo style has come in the picture and people are getting inclined towards abstract tattoo art such as watercolour tattoo. Watercolour is used after mixing it up with water, now days many tattoo artists are using watercolour as a medium to showcase their talent. In this fine art blog post, I have added 30+ watercolour tattoo designs for your inspiration, have a look and enjoy:


  1. So many great tattos. They all have something special. I have never seen someone with a dreamcatcher as a tattoo. What a glorious idea. I guess she will never have any bad dream again. Awesome collection :)
    Hugs, Sarah


  2. Thanks for such a wonderful comment dear :)


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