Hyper-Realistic Food Paintings by Luigi Benedicenti

Hi fine art lovers! How are you all? This time I am going to share some very photo-realistic food paintings by Luigi Benedicenti who is an Italian photo realistic painter. Almost all his paintings have surpassed the beauty and limit of fine details and improved techniques. If you have a look at his art works then you will surely fell in love with rich colors, real life shades and details of his art works.  

Most of the art works of Luigi are rooted deeply into the old still life of Europe. His style is that of an extreme realism.  He paints different subjects like drinks, ice creams and Italian Pastries. He works with oil paints and all his photo realistic paintings are the result of his years of hard works and superior skills. It’s a treat to see delicious food paintings by Luigi Benedicenti which gives a yummy feeling and makes you carve for these pastries, fruits and cakes. Have a look at his food paintings. 

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