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Today I am going to share beautiful figurative paintings by Madrid born painter Luis de la Fuente. He studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid and completed his graduation from there. His art works are a beautiful reflection of female beauty and many of his art works comprises of still life paintings. White is one of his favourite color which is very much evident from most of his paintings.   

He says, “I do not ask that you say. See if in some mysterious way the silence is painted in one of them. If so, the goal is met. SILENCE, Lodge in the box and return to discover it in your heart. From there, look at the world through the eyes of a child and you may return to find the BEAUTY I just wanted to be a humble interpreter.The artwork shows the beauty in a reduced time and space up and makes it affordable so it is difficult to perceive in the vast canvas of life”. Have a look at his paintings and enjoy.

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