Jan 29, 2014

11 Beautiful and Mind Blowing Hilarious Celebrity Paintings By Tos Kostermans

Everyone loves to laugh and it is really true that art works and paintings can be a medium of humour. As we all know that life is full of tensions and problems thus it becomes very important to ease your mind and laugh out loud. 

If we can manage to take life as a medium of fun then we will surely have a good time and this initiative is taken by Tos Kostermans which loves to paint humorist situations by showing very real life situations in his art works and paintings. Tos uses daily life situations to make funny and hilarious situation paintings. Tos is a painter from Netherlands; he loves the technique of very well known and famous painters such as Karel Appel, Van Gogh etc. Tos Kostermans travels all around the globe and to various countries such as Georgia, Atlanta and Amsteram etc and captures the mood and situation with beautiful funny emotions of people. He specializes in portraits. Have a look at his humorist paintings and enjoy:

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  1. Being famous is just like being in high school. But I'm not interested in being the cheerleader. I am not prepared for the degree to which people define fame.


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