Nov 23, 2013

Ludivine Corominas | Still Life Paintings | 1976

Don’t you find still life and floral paintings very attractive? I am sure your answer is YES, otherwise you wouldn’t have been here to browse beautiful paintings J first of all many thanks to all the visitors and art lovers whose love keeps me enthusiastic  to add more and more art works, paintings, photography and sculpture etc  here at this fine art blog J as you know that this blog is all about beautiful and creative art works that’s why  I am always in search of some famous and not so much famous artist so that I can share their art works here and give their art work an opportunity to get noticed by art lovers and collectors J It’s a real pleasure to share art works of artist here, this pleases my heart and soul and impresses you too J isn’t it? 
So whose paintings am I going to share this time? Well! This artistic talents name is Ludivine Corominas. She is from France and was born there  in 1976. By having a look at her artwork the first thing which came to my mind was that “Wow! What a beautiful and artistic way of using colors, great talent”. As far as her artistic life is concerned I would like to add here that she acquired her artistic skills from her father. She beautifully creates the color of rainbow by creating nuances of pretty tones, strokes which light up the sun of her brushes. Her works consists of luscious grapes, fine porcelains and crystalline subjects as the main theme. I loved her still life and floral paintings very much and wanted to share them with you all. Check out some of her still life art work, which you will enjoy for sure J

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