Nov 12, 2013

Kathryn-White | British Painter | Decorative Flowers

Kathryn White is a well known British Decorative painter. She beautifully paints decorative art. Her works are used as gift, stationary markets and home decor.  She drove this decorative inspiration from the Cotswold Hills which surrounded her home and also from her frequent travelling to European countries. She expresses her emotions in her decorative art from the hills of Umbria which is in Italy, flea market from Paris and lovable and classic charm of Stockholm in Sweden. 

All of these have special place in her heart as well as her art works. She uses different mediums to put her mind and imagination on the canvas, which mostly consists of both watercolours as well as oil colours. Her versatility allows her to paint in the centuries old medium of egg tempera as well. You can see a celebration of life, celebration of an old as well as a new world. She beautifully uses decorative elements, design, light and colours and concepts. Kathryn White uses traditional methods to infuse contemporary techniques and materials to her art works. Her art works mostly comprised of flowers, fashion, still life and decorative art.

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