Nov 19, 2013

Italian Renaissance Painter | Masaccio | 1401-1428

Hi everyone! I truly love Italian renaissance paintings because of their perfection and beauty and a sense of massage as well as the emotions which they spread everywhere. So today I am sharing the work of one of such wonderful Italian painter. His name is Masaccio and he is known to be the first great painter of the Italian Renaissance. His work was called to be one of the innovative works in the use of scientific perspective which inaugurated the modern era in painting.
Masaccio was born in the year 1401 on December 1401 at San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy and died in 1428, Rome, Italy. He had a very short life and in such a short life he gained a lot of accolades for his art works. One of his great innovations was the use of light to define the human body and its draperies in the fresco series for Brancacci Chapel in Santa Maria del Carmine, Florence 1427. In his art works Masaccio painted them as if these were enlightened and illuminated from a one single source of light the actual chapel window. Thus he played with light and shadow which gave them a natural and realistic quality which was not known in the art of his day. Some of his masterpieces were Tribute Money, Fresco Scenes and the Expulsion from Paradise. Have a look at some his beautiful art works, they will took you back to the Renaissance era and you will surely love these historical paintings as I did.

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