Sep 9, 2013

Karin Jurick | American Figurative Painter

''In a nutshell, I wanted to be an illustrator when I started college. Instead, I ended up helping my parents run a business - and after losing both my mom and dad - I became the owner. My shop is now in its 30th year and thanks to an outstanding staff, I’m now able to step back and paint most of the week.
After 15+ years of not doing any art, in 2004 I started painting. I sold enough on eBay to build a studio in my back yard - then began using oils for the first time.
That lead to selling more paintings on eBay - then a year later I entered work in a gallery. A year later, I entered into another gallery, then another. Now I’m in
a comfortable place - doing larger works for those three galleries while I continue to paint small pieces that frequently auction on eBay.
I take my camera everywhere, paint from those photos - moments in time, people just doing their thing.
That’s about it. Thanks for your interest.
I do appreciate it.''
-Karin J

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