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I have been interested in art as early as I can remember. I remember at age four getting into trouble for drawing on the walls with crayons. When I was twelve, my older sister Claudia encouraged me to attend an after school program at Rhode Island School of Design. It was my first time going to a museum and seeing original oil paintings up close. I was frozen in my tracks. I analyzed every brush stroke and color. I knew then that painting was in my veins. 
-Dominic Avant

I received a scholarship at the Rhode Island School of Design and completed my BFA in illustration.
After graduation I worked as a freelance illustrator and teacher. In 1996 I was recruited by Walt Disney Feature Animation. This creative community jump started my career as a painter. Since 2003, I have been painting and teaching workshops.

I mainly work in oils on figurative and landscape subjects. Because of my passion for plein air painting, I use a strong play of light and color to create drama. This impressionistic use of color and light set on my foundation of academic drawing builds a nice marriage between Impressionism and Realism.
I have become increasingly intrigued with catching the figure in natural moments. In my painting of my son Dean I was struck by a child’s fascination and peaceful innocence as he played with a green bucket in the water and sand oblivious of time. It is just this type of moment that I strive for in my figurative work. I have been doing commissions now for several years.
Whether I am doing landscape or figurative works I strive to capture the essence and the true beauty of the subject. I believe nature is our greatest teacher. My paintings are an invitation to the viewer to take part in the celebration of God’s creations. 

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