Aug 8, 2013

Rose Freymuth | American Figurative Painter

"Given my restless history, it is curious that I became a figurative painter in New York City. My maternal Grandparents fled Hitler's Germany in the late 1930's. After being refused entry to the United States, they were welcomed into the Dominican Republic, where they happily resided in a small orderly bungalow of their own design and made their living as studio photographer and cheese maker for seven years. Amid this exotic island milieu, my mother was born. Similarly, my fraternal grandparents, he being a US medic stationed in New Zealand and she, a seventeen year old Kiwi, met just long enough in the back of an ambulance in the early 1940's for her to come to the US on a steamer eighteen months later with their nine-month-old baby boy: my father.
-Rose Freymuth

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