Helene Beland | Canadian Figurative Painter | 1949

Helene Beland was born on December 12th, 1949 in Montreal, Qc, Canada.
Studio Location:  Montreal, Qc, Canada.

 Artistic studies: 
-  Certificate in Plastic Arts, College of Old Montreal, Montreal
-   Complete Fine Art Program at Mission: Renaissance Fine Art School Of Los Angeles,        California, USA
-  Several study trips to major North American and European Art Museums
-  Finalist, Challenge #60 « People and Figures «, International Artist Magazine, USA, 2010 
-  Finalist, International Salon Blossom II – Art of Flowers, Susan Katleen Black Fondation, 2011
-  Staff Award, International Salon 2009/2010, Art Renewal Center, USA
-   Larry Gluck Freedom Award, Los Angeles, 2002
-   Finalist, International Salon 2010/2011, Art Renewal Center, USA
-  Finalist, Challenge #66 « People and Figures «, International Artist Magazine, USA, 2011 

Art teaching career:  
 -   Renaissance Fine Art School, from 1982 to 2010

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