American Figurative Painter- "Duffy Sheridan 1947"

Duffy Sheridan is an American Painter and was born in 1947. He is from an artist’s family and started to paint at an early age. His father was an artist and he encouraged him to paint almost anything and everything. He and his family have spent many years in relative seclusion in far corners of the world. But he has travel almost whole of the world and dedicated his life to the discovery of artistic beauty. Sheridan feels that he is in the process of learning to appreciate the richness of humankind and has come to believe that the purpose of his work should be "to magnify the dignity and nobility of the human spirit and the singular beauty of all things. When people look at one of my paintings, I'd like them to see that humans, indeed, are noble beings".
His works has attracted the attention of collectors all over the world.

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