African-American Painter | Thomas Blackshear

Thomas Blackshear has created a phenomenal amount of art in his life. Blackshear grew up in Georgia where he pursued an interest in art throughout high school.  After high school, he received a scholarship and attended and graduated from the American Academy of Art in Chicago.
Thomas entered the collectible world when the Hamilton Collection commissioned him to create four series of limited-edition collector plates beginning with the highly successful Star Wars plate. From this opportunity, Thomas' career as a collectibles artist took off; however, nothing has been closer to his heart than the concept for Ebony Visions he developed in 1994 with Willitts Designs International. Thomas calls his unique style "Afro-Nouveau" and says: "The collection reflects not only my visions as a black man and the unique visions of black people, it represents visions we all share regardless of the color of our skin. Emotions like hope, love, tenderness, faith, and serenity know no boundaries."
His work consists of illustrations done for various companies such as Anhauser-Busch, Lucas Films, Universal Studios, the U.S. Postal Service, and limited edition prints for the Greenwich Workshop.

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