Jun 22, 2013

Russian Photographer "Elena Vizerskaya" 1980

Elena Vizerskaya is an extremely stunning and marvelous female photographer from Russia. She is very good in photo manipulating. She graduated from Children’s Art School in 1994 and then completed her graduation from Boychuk College of Decorative Arts and Design in Kiev, Ukraine in 2000.
The year 2001 saw me pursue a rather eclectic mix of design projects spanning practically all relevant areas, with the exception of web design and ikebana. This mixed bag would engage my creativity for the next 3 years. - In 2004, however, I happily took time off to experience the joys of motherhood, which, among other things, gave me a new sense of creative direction as I decided to concentrate on photography. I’ve kept at it with a passion ever since.
Her photographs speak about her creative talent. She creates pictures with magnetic atmosphere and enigmatic universes.

Examples of her works: 


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