Leonardo da Vinci's Famous Paintings

Short Biography: 

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci was a famous Italian Renaissance painter, sculptor, mathematician, engineer,  architect, musician, inventor, anatomist, cartographer, botanist,  geologist, and writer.

Leonardo da Vinci
Born: April 15, 1452,
Died: May 2, 1519,

Period: High Renaissance

Famous works by Him:

 Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa is a half-length portrait of a woman, which is one of his most famous, talked, written and researched about work.
Created: 1503-1506
Genre: Portrait

Mona Lisa

The Last Supper

It is the late 15th century painting created by him in around 1495-1498. It is a Christian art painting.
Created: 1495-1498
Genre: History Painting, Christian art.

The Last Supper

Lady with an ermine

It is a painting made by Leonardo in about 1489-1490, Cecilia Gallerani is identified as a subject of this painting, and most probably this painting was painted when she was a mistress.
Created: 1489-1490
Medium: Oil.

Lady with an ermine

Lady with an ermine Detailed View

Lady with an ermine- Detailed View

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Ginevra De Benci:

Ginevra was an aristocrat from 15th-century Florence and was admired for her intelligence, her portrait was created by Vinci in late 15th Century.
Created: 1474–1478
Genre: Portrait.
Medium: Oil
Ginevra De Benci

Madonna Litta:

It is a late 15th century painting in which Madonna is nursing infant Jesus, it is displayed in  Hermitage Museum, in Saint Petersburg.
Created: 1480
Media: oil
Madonna Litta
St John Baptist:
This painting is on Walnut wood by Vinci. Completed in about 1513-1516. It is believed to be his last Painting.
Created: 1513-1516.
Media: Oil
St John Baptist
St John Baptist-Detailed View
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