Apr 26, 2013

Beautiful Pin-up Paintings by Gil-Elvgren

Brief History of Gil Elvgren

Gil Elvagren ( March 15, 1914-Feb 29, 1980).
Gil was born as Gillette Elvagren, he was an American painter of pin up girls, illustration and advertising. He didn't confined to one location, lived in various locations and was active from 1930 to 1970.
He was one of the most famous and well known artist of the Twentieth Century. He was a commercial success too. His clients ranged from Brown & Bigelow and General Electric to Coca Cola.
He not only depicted the beauty of pin up girls but his art also illustrated the daily life of ordinary people doing everyday things in his works for commercial segments of Coca Cola and other Companies. For comprehensive look into his life go to http://www.gilelvgren.com/GE/elvgrenBio.html written by Charles Martignette.

Here are some of his works of pin up girls.

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