Apr 17, 2013

20 beautiful Paintings by Richard Johnson

Johnson was born in Chicago in an artistic family, while he was still in grade school, a prestigious art institute of Chicago presented him a scholarship. He later attended the American Academy of Art and after graduation he began a very successful career as an illustrator before becoming an award  winning artist.

His bold use of colors and impasto, sure brush stroke and beautiful, delicate rendering of human face and figure all work so well together  to create a “Poetic Intimacy”.

Richard Johnson with his painting

"When i paint, it is my hope to reach beyond the canvas and engage the viewer, to connect on the shared plane of experiences, to nod together and say, "Yes, that is what youth is like, that is what a rose is like, that is what morning light feels like." I seek to create shared moments."
-Richard Johnson.

20 Beautiful Paintings by Richard Johnson:

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