Basic Guide for Using a Watch Winder

 What is a watch winder?

Basic Guide for Using a Watch Winder

A watch winder is a tool or say a device which is useful for keeping an automatic watch or multiple watches running when it's not worn. When we talk about automatic watches, these operate by winding themselves, with the use of the moving weight inside the watch. In this case we can see that these watches no longer receive power this way when they are not worn. Reason behind is that the weight inside the watch is not winged or rotated when not worn so they no longer receive the power this way. 

A watch winder cannot over wind any automatic watch because all when we talk about automatic watches, these are protected from being over winded by any mechanism. But it is quite important to use a time-based winder so that an excessive wear on the winding mechanism is prevented.

Do you really need a watch winder?

If you own multiple automatic watches then you can buy an automatic watch winder so that the watches which are not worn by you keep running. Thus making it convenient for you to keep more then one watch.

How to decide whether to buy a watch winder or not?

It totally depends on how much value you can get from a watch winder. When you have multiple watches and you want all of them on working mode then a watch winder is a good solution. One of the best and biggest advantages is that it keeps those calendar features running so that you don’t have to reset them when the watch has been stopped for a while. 

Why are watch winders so expensive in general?

Watch winder manufactures such as Jqueen watch winder are very fond of quality and knowledgeable design so that you expensive watch is taken care of perfectly. These days the sale of watch winders is ever increasing and more people are becoming fond of buying watch winders.

What are the types of watch winders available in the market?

There are popularly 3 kinds of watch winder available. These are:

A functional watch winder

An elegant watch winder

An extravagant watch winder

With these watch winders, the option of a/c and battery powered winders are available. 

Final lines:

Make sure you buy a good quality watch winder for your watches. A bad watch winder is no doubt much worse than a no watch winder.