Photographs, Portraits, Prints: Can Art Be A Good Wedding Gift?


Whichever way you look at them, weddings are always centred around emotion. A group of people are gathered to commemorate the love between one person and another, and so when thinking up a good idea for a wedding gift, it can be appropriate to find something which celebrates this. 

Art is the most effective way to portray love in all its simplicity. Whether it’s a photograph, ornament, portrait or print, you can find something which accurately evokes the love that they have for each other and elevates it in a way which is both beautiful and creative. Not to mention, art is something that can last for years. 

While a hamper might be delicious, it won’t exactly last very long! A piece of art can be hung in the couple’s new home and will last for the rest of their lives. It is something special, and that is the most appropriate gift for a day as special as a wedding.

With this in mind, what kind of art is appropriate as a wedding gift? If you’re struggling to come up with any ideas, here are just a few which might help you out:

Utilise Their Own Photographs 

For starters, art doesn’t have to be something made from scratch by an artist. Just by scrolling through their social media pages, you can come across photographs that are beautiful and artistic in their own right. The only thing you have to do is print this picture and house it in a frame which can elevate that beauty and make it stand out on the wall that they choose to place it upon.

Find Art That Speaks To Them

If you would rather actually give the couple a piece of original art, then start by looking into their hobbies. What do they like? What do they care about? Is it going to be a religious wedding? If so, there are plenty of ways you can find a piece of art which can compliment that. It doesn’t even have to be a typical portrait, but rather an ornament for their new home, which is both beautiful and creative. For instance, if the couple are Jewish, then you can take a look at purchasing some personalized jewish wedding gifts which are intricately designed and special to them. 

Draw Something From Scratch

Another great route to go down is finding an artist and asking them to draw a print from scratch. If they need a base point, perhaps take another look at their social media and find a photograph of the happy couple, which can give them a few ideas to get started. You could even ask the couple to pose for you and take that picture yourself. There are plenty of artists available online that can create something beautiful, atmospheric and romantic. Remember, the happy couple’s whole life is in front of them, so find an artist who will encapsulate that journey and communicate the magic in an intricately constructed piece of art. As mentioned previously, this is the best way to communicate the love that they share for each other and the exciting path that lies ahead.